Fastpitch Softball TV with Gary LelandThank You For Visiting My Website!

My name is Gary Leland, I hope you enjoy browsing through this website.

I have been involved with fastpitch softball for many years. The first team I coached was for my daughter. By 2001 my team “Dabomb” had won the 14 & under Texas USSSA State Championship. The next year we repeated the feat by winning the Texas USSSA 15 & Under State Championship. Since stepping down from coaching it has provided me more time to launch my websites, build new brands, and create my network of fastpitch softball blogs, podcasts, and videos.

I have also traveled all over the country filming great fastpitch softball clinics by Olympians, Hall Of Famers, and great coaches. From my continued devotion to softball I launched Fastpitch.TV! The Fastpitch Softball TV Network has more FREE softball programming than any other site on the Internet. If you love softball, you are going to love Fastpitch TV!

In 2000 I launched SoftballJunk.com. The first website on the internet dedicated to fastpitch softball. Then in 2001 I opened one of the first softball only stores in the nation, along with a large network of sites known as SportsJunk.com.